The game industry is looking for new talent. Are you one of them? 

Studying in North of Sweden is easy, great for networking and future job opportunities.

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Studying in Arctic Sweden: Easy to find accommodation. No traffic jams. Fresh air = fresh brain. Easy to be part of a community.

The game industry in region of Arctic Game Lab are expanding and always looking for new talents. With two universities in the area and several programmes and courses at Folk high schools and Higher vocational educations, there are plenty of opportunities for you to be part of this industry.  

YH-utbildningFuturegames: Project Manager IT & GamesFall 2020SkellefteåMore info
YH-utbildningFuturegames: QA/Game testerFall 2020BodenMore info
YH-utbildningFuturegames: Game & UX DesignerFall 2020SkellefteåMore info
YH-utbildningFuturegames: Game ProgrammerFall 2020SkellefteåMore info
YH-utbildningVisual Magic: VFX-artist för spel och filmFall 2020SkellefteåMore info
YH-utbildningDigital strategnot applicablePiteå
UniversitetCivilingenjör DatateknikFall 2020LuleåMore info
UniversitetCivilingenjör Interaktion & DesignFall 2020UmeåMore info
UniversitetCivilingenjör Teknisk DatavetenskapFall 2020UmeåMore info
UniversitetDigital medieproduktionFall 2020UmeåMore info
UniversitetGrafisk DesignFall 2020LuleåMore info

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